Sample Child Custody Agreement for Unmarried Parents Philippines

When unmarried parents separate, one of the most important issues to address is the custody of their child or children. While it is always ideal for the parents to work out a custody agreement together, sometimes it becomes necessary to involve the court to determine custody.

In the Philippines, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to child custody agreements for unmarried parents. The agreement should be based on the unique circumstances of each case, including the child’s best interests, the parents’ financial situations, and any domestic violence or abuse concerns.

However, here is a sample child custody agreement for unmarried parents in the Philippines that can serve as a starting point:

1. Joint Legal Custody: Both parents will have joint legal custody of the child and will make major decisions regarding the child’s education, health, and welfare.

2. Physical Custody: The child will reside primarily with one parent (the “custodial parent”) and the other parent will have visitation rights. The parents will agree on a visitation schedule that works best for the child and both parents.

3. Child Support: The non-custodial parent will pay child support to the custodial parent to help cover the costs of raising the child. The amount should be based on the non-custodial parent’s income and the child’s needs.

4. Medical and Dental Care: Both parents will provide and pay for the child’s medical and dental care, including insurance and co-payments.

5. Education: Both parents will provide and pay for the child’s education, including tuition, school supplies, and extracurricular activities.

6. Travel: Both parents will provide written permission for the child to travel with the other parent outside of the Philippines. The parent who plans to travel with the child must provide the other parent with a detailed itinerary and contact information.

7. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes regarding the child’s custody or visitation will be resolved through mediation or court action if necessary.

It’s important to note that this is only a sample child custody agreement and may not be appropriate for all situations. It’s always best for parents to work together to create a custody agreement that is specific to their needs and situation.

In conclusion, child custody agreements for unmarried parents in the Philippines can be complex and emotionally charged. Working with a family law attorney and using this sample agreement as a guide can help parents create a fair and practical custody arrangement that is in the best interests of their child.

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